Sunday, November 12, 2017

BAJA 1000 LIVE! Baja Weather Service UPDATES!


Onshore flow will prevail through next weekend. Onshore flow will weaken into Monday with an inland warming trend through Monday and Tuesday...then cooling into Thursday as onshore flow strengthens with gusty west winds for the mountains and deserts. The Sea of Cortez will experience gusty winds to La Paz, through the period. 

Onshore flow will weaken for next weekend with a warming trend. There are small chances for light precipitation for late Thursday into early Friday...but any precipitation of significance is expected to remain north of Point Conception. There will be some high clouds at times with patchy night and morning coastal low clouds and fog extending locally inland. && 

.FOR EXTREME NORTHERN BAJA CALIFORNIA... .SHORT TERM (Today through Tuesday)... A low pressure system off the Pacific Northwest coast will weaken and move inland on Monday as another low pressure system moves into a position off the Pacific Northwest coast on Tuesday. This will maintain onshore lower level flow and dry southwest flow aloft across Southern California. High pressure aloft across northern Mexico will strengthen slightly into Monday bringing an inland warming trend into Monday with slight cooling on Tuesday. Night and morning coastal low clouds and fog will remain fairly patchy and not extend much farther inland than the western valleys with the marine layer becoming gradually shallower into Tuesday. There will be some patchy radiational late night and early morning fog in lower lying coastal and valley areas. There will also be some high clouds at times as the trough of low pressure to the north draws subtropical mid and high level moisture northward into Northern Baja California. && 

 .LONG TERM (Wednesday through Saturday)... A low pressure system off the Pacific Northwest coast on Wednesday will weaken and move inland on Thursday and Thursday night with the GFS a little faster and the ECMWF a little slower and more amplified. Broad high pressure aloft then returns near the West Coast for Friday into next weekend. As the trough of low pressure moves inland to the will bring stronger onshore across Southern California with cooling into Thursday...then slow warming for Friday and greater inland warming on Saturday. There will also be stronger and gusty west winds as the trough moves inland...mainly Thursday and Thursday night. That trough of low pressure will also draw additional subtropical moisture northward towards Southern California with most precipitation of significance remaining north of Point Conception with small chances for light precipitation to the south and east...mainly late Thrusday and early Friday. && 

.AVIATION... 121040Z...SCT-BKN cloud layers AOA FL150 with unrestricted VIS through Monday morning. Baja Mexico Coasts...A few patches of stratus with bases near 1000-1500 ft MSL may develop over western portions of San Diego County. KSAN and KCRQ could have a CIG at times through 16Z, but should mostly remain FEW-SCT. Otherwise, local BR with 3-5 SM vis with isolated spots 1 SM or less in the valleys through 15Z. Patchy stratus with bases near 700-1100 ft MSL may develop late this evening, but confidence is low in timing and location as it will likely be patchy again. && 

.MARINE... Combined seas of 5-6 ft with 6-7 second period waves will create rough conditions today. In addition, northwest winds gusting to around 20 kt are possible each afternoon and evening through Tuesday. 

Baja Weather Service
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Travel Fam Groups To Los Cabos CABO 1000 2017 Starting in April

Groups are travelling to Los Cabos, Mexico to become familiar with the amazing global experiences in Cabo.

Familiarization is a term usually only used by travel sector professionals.

Now, travel groups, organized by agents around the world, want to get to know Mexico and Los Cabos.

Safety, security and travel excitement are the 'locks' known by travel agents selling the Los Cabos area.  Now, the CABO 1000 is joining-in, selling travel professionals from around the globe on the unique and enticing, exotic 'cape region' of Baja Mexico.

"Motorsports are our favorite tour activities here in Baja South, Baja Sur", said Miguel Santos, the General Manager of the World Famous CABO Safari Ranch. "Off-Road is a major part of who we are as people and we want to share our loves with everyone", he continued.

"The CABO 1000 brings the travel and sport worlds, together. Our community looks forward to these events every year", Miguel said. "Our Off-Road EXPO and pre-runs start all the motorsport fun, starting in just days!" "Yes, we have golfing, culinary and our famous fishing activities, here at the ranch", he said.
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CABO Safari Ranch is also known for its world famous fishing

Miguel mentioned to go to this website and get ready for high-powered travel to Los Cabos, starting in April and running through the end of the year.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Trans-Pen-Highway CLOSURES at San Quintin

SAN QUINTÍN - Two years after the farm worker mobilization in the San Quintín Valley, today, Friday March 17, groups of unhappy workers blocked different stretches of the Transpeninsular Highway to stop transports to the fields. 

This morning, there were blockades reported in coloia Lázaro Cárdenas, Santa Fe, the junction of colonia 13 de Mayo and the bridge at ejido Díaz Ordaz, and other areas, where the demonstrators could gather. Although at first they said they will only stop farm bus traffic to prevent the farm workers to get to the fields, in front of the park at colonia Lázaro Cardenas they stopped all drivers.

Baja Safari Travel Advisory

Friday, March 3, 2017

San Felipe Sea Shepard Video for Conservation Efforts

February 2017. Twenty-Five years too late, Mexican officials have banned all fishing in the extreme north Sea of Cortez. Now the only workable plan to save certain marine life, is collecting and protecting the at risk last remaining dolphins.

Here is the purpose of the conservation efforts at San Felipe, Baja MX CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for continuing coverage on the call for a complete fishing ban at San Felipe

Friday, February 24, 2017


March 3 UPDATE: When planning any travel to Mexico, be advised, conditions on the ground are changing daily. Briefings are available to Members through our office.

Every Sunday Night and afternoon, the border closes and forces traffic to Otay Mesa.

February 12 UPDATE: Six weekends in a row, the border is closed! CLICK HERE

February 5 UPDATE: Closures continue, San Ysidro now centerpoint of closures

February 4 UPDATE: US Border closures now an issue in San Diego region

January 29 UPDATE: Closures continue for fourth week in a row. CLICK HERE

January 18 UPDATE: Crisis continues, contact office if you are in country. 
Stay Tuned>>>

January 15 UPDATE: San Ysidro and Otay Mesa Ports of Entry into Mexico Report, ports have been closed at various times over the last 48 hours. 

January 14 UPDATE: Conditions still very bad. Widespread lack of supplies, water and ice. Gas still in crisis. Contact office direct on exact conditions. Any info online is out-of-date!
"CRISIS" Officially confirmed CLICK HERE for relative news report from Mexico City.

January 10 UPDATE: Conditions worse today. Review all travel plans.

January 7 UPDATE: Continuing unrest over gasoline price hikes in Mexico flared up at the Tijuana border crossing Saturday night as a large protest prompted U.S. authorities to block access into Mexico from San Ysidro for nearly four hours.

January 6 UPDATE: Communities throughout Baja California (Northern State) and the northern part of Baja Sur (Southern State) are in crisis right now over lack of critical supplies. Fuel, Food and Ice are in short supply and will run out this weekend.

Amanda Shotsky Reported on the situation VIDEO, CLICK HERE

Travel Advisory UPDATE:
January 4, 2017

Blockades at PEMEX facilities in Baja California, at Camalu and Rosarito are creating a travel crisis. Supplies of fuel and other staples are not getting past the blockade at Camalu, Stay Tuned. 

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