Friday, December 25, 2020

Baja Safari Ocean Oasis Reservations Now Available

From La Paz, Baja South, Mexico. December 1, 2020

The World Famous Oasis, founded 25 years ago, our founder partnered with Sr. Roberto Van Wormer to establish a world class location for Baja Desert Studies and protection of the natural environment, unique to the world.

Contact the Baja Safari office to participate in the Baja World's greatest contribution to the future of eco-travels! 


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We are your home to ordering our Award Winning Salsa Products and enjoying  Adventure Sharing, as a courtesy.
Let's start with our Baja Safari Salsa and begin our adventure! 
Baja Safari travels the Baja California peninsula searching for the Magic we put into every bottle! Food, Drink and Experiences are shared for the love of Adventure. Stay tuned to the Magic Baja Desert Experience here at Baja Safari NOW!

Welcome To The Home Of The Magic Baja Desert Experience

It's the goal of Baja Safari to take you away to the Magic Baja Desert Experience, everyday. Please consider us your daily Magic Carpet to Baja Mexico, ONLINE. Courtesia, Gratis. Our Courtesy, Free!

Baja Safari is LIVE 24/7. Members Services Locations are available here Map.Successful, like-minded top achievers, come together and LIVE life to the fullest. Team reps see Adventure Sharing  Updates Here! SPECIAL SERVICES AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC

Baja Safari has provided these services for the American military for thirty years.

2020 "25 Years Ocean Oasis Founding Celebration" 

2019 "7 Years BAJA Racing HALL Of Fame Celebration"

2018 "Thirty Years Air/Space America Celebration"

2008 "Grand Cup, Special Events Winner", Baja South Yenemacu Sports Association

1998 "Amigo de Baja Award Winner", State Government of Baja California Government

1993 "Award of Appreciation", San Diego Sheriff Department 

1987 "Baja Safari Foundation" Celebrated

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Summertime Sky Viewing Tips Baja Safari

Comet Swan, From Out Of This World, Really!


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

We Understand and Respond

Sunset LIVE! From Paradise!
Baja Safari awaits you to live unique experiences, we are taking the necessary measures to give you all the attention during your stay. Do not cancel your trip, change the date, just postpone and reschedule your Journey's!

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CABO 1000 SS Super Special 2020 The Love Rally!

Think you've traveled and seen Baja California or Los Cabos?

The CABO 1000 SS 2020, our Super Special is a "transformational cultural experience". Award winning, soul stirring and most importantly, life-changing passions. 

Love is the answer, it has always been the answer. 

Join Us! 2020 is the Love Rally, 
via eMail at xcruise at 
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Baja Safari Official Distinguished Visitor Program

The Official Distinguished Visitor Program of the Republic 
Contact for Details: 
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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Baja Safari DAKAR Racing

Looks alot like the Sea Of Cortez/Gulf Of California!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020