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Baja Safari travels the Baja California peninsula searching for the Magic we put into every bottle! Food, Drink and Experiences are shared for the love of Adventure. Stay tuned to the Magic Baja Desert Experience here at

2020 Press Release:

As of today, Baja Safari Salsa is under new supervision!

We are so very happy to announce that our longtime public relations manager has taken over, lock, stock and barrel! Janice Gilmore has now full ownership of the Baja Safari Salsa brand, franchisement and visitor programs.

We're sure you've noticed a change in our sensitivity to ecological issues and nature.

Look for MORE of this message in future programs and come say hello at our San Diego digs.

Team Baja Safari

 2018 Press Release:

xReef and Baja Safari announced an exclusive education forum for the school year, starting our 'Reef Awareness' Series.

During the 1990's, Baja Safari worked to start Southern Baja Mexico on the course to awareness through teaming with local East Cape residents forming their first Patronato or Patron non-profit.

Built to protect the people and reef environment, today, the people are agreed the future for the East Cape is brighter than three decades ago.

Send a join message to us and we'll continue to build the future!

East Cape Patronato Director 


2015 Press Release:

Baja Safari Champion Class 11 Series Competitor announced today in Mexico

Baja Safari announced from Mexico today, they will place their Champion Class 11 in the desert off-road racing series.

Baja Safari's Class 11 Champion desert racing stock Volkswagen has won seven years in a row. "2015 World Series of Bugs" will be run mostly in the United States this year.

Welcome To The Home Of The Magic Baja Desert Experience

It's the goal of Baja Safari to take you away to the Magic Baja Desert Experience, everyday. Please consider us your daily Magic Carpet to Baja Mexico, ONLINE. Courtesia, Gratis. Our Courtesy, Free!

Baja Safari is LIVE 24/7. Members Services Locations are available here Map.Successful, like-minded top achievers, come together and LIVE life to the fullest. Team reps see Adventure Sharing  Updates Here! SPECIAL SERVICES AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC

Baja Safari has provided these services for the American military for thirty years.

2018 "Thirty Years Air/Space America Celebration"

2008 "Grand Cup, Special Events Winner", Baja South Yenemacu Sports Association

1998 "Amigo de Baja Award Winner", State Government of Baja California

1993 "Award of Appreciation", San Diego Sheriff Department 

1987 "Baja Safari Foundation" Celebrated

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