Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mexican Radio LIVE! Tonight! NOW!

Is it the fast food equivalent of sweeps this week? Yesterday, Starbucks gave away free pastries with the purchase of a cup of coffee. Today's promotion — a far more delicious and satisfying concept — is at Baja Fresh, the Mexican food emporium that creates delightful burritos. The franchise is attempting to drive traffic to its Facebook page, where they are housing the coupon for the complimentary food (with the purchase of a drink, of course). There are a bunch of limitations (sadly, I will not be able to gorge myself on Mexican deliciousness, as the New York City location isn't participating). Still, anybody willing to hand out free junk food is okay in my book, so consider Baja Fresh the latest recipient of the official MTV Newsroom Medal of Gluttony.
But as I said, I can't chow down, so I'll have to find something to make myself feel better. What's the only thing better than Mexican food? The answer to that question is "Mexican Radio," the 1983 hit by Los Angeles New Wavers Wall of Voodoo. A lot of people think the Eagles are the definitive California band, but Wall of Voodoo really sounds like Los Angeles: Loud, hot, vaguely futuristic and secretly grimy. The hallucinatory clip for "Mexican Radio" is a great appetizer for your Nacho Burrito, but even if you can't get to your local Baja Fresh, you can still get a little taste of the border in the video below.

Baja Safari NOW