Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Welcome to the Greatest Treasure ever discovered on the Baja, Mexico peninsula. The People of The Ranches.  
Garry McClintock, Harry Crosby and Baja Safari have studied and supported the rich, living civilization known as the Baja California Rancheros and "Cowboys". 

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Legend Of La Rumorosa, Baja California, Mexico

The Legend Of La Rumorosa, Baja California Mexico

By Jorge Hugo Garcia

This legend was told to me by my 60-Year-old grandparents, some native descendants of the Kilihua Indian Group, south of Ensenada, Baja California.

Many years ago, when the salt lagoon (Laguna Salada) connected with Salton Sea of the Imperial Valley forming a huge sea port, from the entire central mountain range of Baja California to Northern California was full of pines and gigantic spruce.

This era is known in geologic terms as prior to the Colorado River overflow into the Salton Basin, pre-1909. At one time, the Sea of Cortez reached far north into the valleys north of modern Imperial County. 

A massive fire that lasted more than six (6) months consumed all the vegetation. Thousands of their inhabitants disappeared or died, burned. Before this event they said that the branches of the pine trees sang the stories of their ancestors. The winds, blowing through the trees.

In their ancient ceremonies, we would worship the acorns and the pine nuts that fed them. The whole area was known as "the mother earth who sings". But after the fire, this voice was turned off. Through the years, there was only the moan of the stones that at night howl with almost human cries, the pain of them overwhelms the descendants of those who perished.

Currently, to those winds that run between the rocks, caress the pines that go rising, they are known as 
"the rumors/sounds of the mother who cries".

"The emotions of Mother Nature, whose winds cry in pain".

The Legend Of La Rumorosa Of Baja California, Mexico

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Travel Fam Groups To Los Cabos CABO 1000 2018 Starting in February

Groups are travelling to Los Cabos, Mexico to become familiar with the amazing global experiences in Cabo.

Familiarization is a term usually only used by travel sector professionals.

Now, travel groups, organized by agents around the world, want to get to know Mexico and Los Cabos.

Safety, security and travel excitement are the 'locks' known by travel agents selling the Los Cabos area.  Now, the CABO 1000 is joining-in, selling travel professionals from around the globe on the unique and enticing, exotic 'cape region' of Baja Mexico.


"Motorsports are our favorite tour activities here in Baja South, Baja Sur", said Miguel Santos, the General Manager of the World Famous CABO Safari Ranch. "Off-Road is a major part of who we are as people and we want to share our loves with everyone", he continued.

"The CABO 1000 brings the travel and sport worlds, together. Our community looks forward to these events every year", Miguel said. "Our Off-Road EXPO and pre-runs start all the motorsport fun, starting in just days!" "Yes, we have golfing, culinary and our famous fishing activities, here at the ranch", he said.

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CABO Safari Ranch is also known for its world famous fishing

Miguel mentioned to go to this website and get ready for high-powered travel to Los Cabos, starting in April and running through the end of the year.