Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mexican Radio LIVE! Tonight! NOW!

Is it the fast food equivalent of sweeps this week? Yesterday, Starbucks gave away free pastries with the purchase of a cup of coffee. Today's promotion — a far more delicious and satisfying concept — is at Baja Fresh, the Mexican food emporium that creates delightful burritos. The franchise is attempting to drive traffic to its Facebook page, where they are housing the coupon for the complimentary food (with the purchase of a drink, of course). There are a bunch of limitations (sadly, I will not be able to gorge myself on Mexican deliciousness, as the New York City location isn't participating). Still, anybody willing to hand out free junk food is okay in my book, so consider Baja Fresh the latest recipient of the official MTV Newsroom Medal of Gluttony.
But as I said, I can't chow down, so I'll have to find something to make myself feel better. What's the only thing better than Mexican food? The answer to that question is "Mexican Radio," the 1983 hit by Los Angeles New Wavers Wall of Voodoo. A lot of people think the Eagles are the definitive California band, but Wall of Voodoo really sounds like Los Angeles: Loud, hot, vaguely futuristic and secretly grimy. The hallucinatory clip for "Mexican Radio" is a great appetizer for your Nacho Burrito, but even if you can't get to your local Baja Fresh, you can still get a little taste of the border in the video below.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Miraflores Pitahaya Festival Success July 18 & 19

The 19th Miraflores Pitahaya Festival was on July 18 and 19, was a complete success. Our Baja Safari road trip to the colonial village of Miraflores, half an hour north of San Jose del Cabo on Highway 1, was incredible. As well as being able to taste and purchase delicious Pitahaya, the fruit of the cardon cactus, there was traditional foods, donkey races, cultural and artistic festivals, and the selection of the Pitahaya queen.

That was July 18 and 19 in Miraflores, we brought everyone from our Cabo San Lucas office, we'll post pictures and more details today.

Led by the delegate Nora González García, this with the purpose to begin preparations for the conduct of the next Expo Fair Pitahaya 2009.

Expo Feria de Miraflores pitahaya 2009, is the name under which this year the community of Miraflores perform their traditional celebration in honor of the typical fruit flavors and rich colors, this in order to accommodate not only a celebration more on this occasion will be open to a tradition with roots, with cultural essences and crafts, will be an Expo that will lead to their visitors by a variety of presentations from the artists to craft and culinary samples, a sample of true culture and traditions proud of this beautiful town that has always characterized the work of its people, especially the craft that has earned national recognition., pointed Ceseña Carlos Castro.
Alan Castro for his part said, that will pose to the heart of the organizing committee for the proposals to add the Expo craft contest where all the native craftsmen using materials typical of the region to conduct an exhibition and sale of various pieces and also be driving the young talents of painting with the City Painting VII contest at the Expo Fair pitahaya Miraflores 2009.

The Delegate of Miraflores, adding that the encounter at the head of the delegation for its priority is to reflect the greatness of its people, take a further step to expand the festival to ensure that printed the stamp of his people.

Carlos Castro for his part said that the policy and commitment to lead the municipal government of President René Oscar Nunez Cosio is to promote and encourage cultural activities and forums to encourage artistic expression and craftsmanship so this year is to encourage and support strong not only achieve this if the event needed to promote an increase in art and culture of our town.

This has been agreed at the first meeting that had been put on the table the concerns of the authorities in an effort to promote a quality event which is already a tradition for the whole of Los Cabos, which is expected this years to look at its best.

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Join the Baja Safari Club on another Free Travel Tour off-road in Baja Mexico August 1 & 2, 2009

We'll run the historic Baja 1000 course from Ensenada to La Paz, all the fun and food of Baja Mexico you can handle.

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