Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Caesars Hotel & Restaurant Closes in Tijuana

From Tijuana, Unable to meet its financial obligations, on Monday closed its doors on flagship Caesars Restaurant Revolution Avenue, where, by all accounts, in the year 1926 had its origin The famous salad bearing the same name.

The Coordinator of Business and Tourism Committee Mexicano (Ceturmex), Andres Mendez Martinez, lamented the end of one of the most emblematic places of the city, in the absence of awareness of the owners of premises who, outside the times, strive to collect their revenues in dollars.

From an early hour today, were pulled to the curb, as both kitchen furniture establishment, thereby leaving employment to at least six direct employees.

The entrepreneur said that in recent months the number of tourists has dropped by up to 80 percent, so now focused programs are planned for local consumption, in order to subsist and survive this heavy economic crisis in which all find itself, in the local economy.

Against this background, Mendez Martinez urged the authorities to take models of support for economic recovery on World Famous Revolution Avenue.

The Caesar salad was born in the hotel restaurant one night, when suddenly came Hollywood luminaries, as have local legends. The owner of the establishment, Caesar Cardini by not able to offer, prepared with what he had on hand, which then turned to the world: the salad with croutons, anchovies and Parmesan cheese, among other things.

The authorship of this dish will have disputed this, the original owner of that site, and also Caesar Cardini Italian Livio Santini, who was the chef of the place. Equally controversial is the time when the salad came, as other sources state that occurred when American pilots (drivers & racers) came to this border.

In what is certain is that the Caesar salad was born, at this place. In Tijuana on Monday, the 14th of September, 2009, the hotel that bears his name, ended operations, forever.

From the owner this morning, we received his final message to Baja Safari Mexico Club:

Exclusively for your Baja Safari Mexico Club Members, Our Original Recipe:

"Original" CAESAR SALAD: Serves 4 people.
Ingredients: 3 cloves of garlic, 2 eggs, 4 canned anchovy fillets, Mustaza Dijon, Tabasco sauce, 1 lemon, (no lime), Olive Oil, Croutons, Parmesan, salt and freshly granulated, and a lettuce "" ROMAN ".

Preparation: (Table side) (opposite his desk): in a wooden Bowl (bowl sunken wood) and with 2 forks, put the garlic and do almost a pure, put the anchovies and also do them with almost pure garlic until it is like a paste, you put half chucharadita of dijon mustard, and a few drops (drops, not jets but you like the spicy) Baja Safari Salsa (do not use Tapachula, Tapatio or Tabasco or any other)

Stir it all very well until you are pureed, like a paste. Ropes you separate the eggs and yolks from the whites. You put the pads on the Bowl with your pure, or paste, stirring with one hand and all, with the other squeeze the juice of one lemon into the bowl (VERY

While continuing stirring all with one hand, the other starts to put olive oil gradually until it reaches the viscosity you want. Since you have the dressing with the viscosity you want, put the lettuce ROMANA "(hopefully that you have thoroughly washed and do not use the outer leaves, nor the heart, and know that anything tastes better with Tantita nierdita, but that's not the case in this salad), you put a little grated parmesan cheese, a little lumpy in the Indian black pepper, add croutons, and toss well, but not exceed, that if you stir much of the lettuce leaves become mushy.

And vuala, you have the " Original CAESAR salad ". Do not salt, let each guest will want to put salt, according to your taste. Bone Apetit!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Baja Wine and Food Touring Ongoing This Season

Russian Vintners Win Gold at Baja California Wine Event

Bibayoff Winery (Bodegas Valle de Guadalupe – Vinos Bibayoff) was the grand, first place winner of the La Cofradia Food and Wine Pairing event held on August 18th at the Cruise Ship terminal in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. In fact, it was the second time in the last two years that David and Abel Bibayoff captured the highest honors with their Chenin Blanc/Columbard blend of white wines. This year they were matched with gourmet delights from Ophelia Restaurant of Ensenada.
Traditionally, this Russian Molokan family was known primarily as premium grape growers, but over the last several years the father/son team has refined their skills in creating table wines of good quality. For many years they sold their premium grapes to the better boutique wineries that used the juice to create award-winning wines. This prompted them to take a serious look at their wines and experiment with the grapes from their vineyards that were of superior quality. From these research projects evolved the award-winning Chenin Blanc/Colombard/Muscat blend. In addition, Bibayoff produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, and Zinfandel wines.
For those wine lovers looking for a remote, romantic and tranquil winery setting, located on the alternative wine route in Valle de Guadalupe, please visit their winery on Saturdays and Sundays. Their Russian museum offers a rare insight into the history of Russian farmers in the region. The Bibayoff family holds many special events throughout the year, they host weddings, plus they offer camping sites.
The La Cofradia food and wine event (Noche de Cofradia en Ensenada) features about 30 of the top wineries and restaurants in the region. During a random drawing held before the event, wineries and restaurants are matched to compete in the competition. The winemakers and chefs meet, select the best wine to match with a gourmet delight, and thus the contest begins.
This is a great opportunity for local, regional, national and international wine and food loves to investigate the “bottled gems” from local wineries, and sample culinary delights from the top food establishments in the region. These “masters” of food and wine have become so good in pairing food with wine that’s it is extremely difficult to pick a winner. But, other winners were: Bodegas de Santo Tomas with Laboratorio Gastronomico; Tintos de Norte 32 with Galeria Gourmet; Cavas Valmar with Restaurante Asao; Monte Xanic with Restaurante Punta Morro; Paralelo with Villa Saverios; and Roganto with Casa Canola.
In addition, Chabert’s Restaurant of the Rosarito Beach Hotel made their first presentation at this event. Vinisterra winery matched their 2005 Tempranillo with marinated swordfish from Capricho’s Restaurant that was a favorite among many attendees. Restaurante Cien Años of Tijuana created an amazing culinary delight that caught the attention of many gourmet food lovers. Marcelo Castro Chacon of La Cava de Marcelo (Cava de Quesos) offered samples of his aged, gourmet cheeses from Rancho La Campana in Ojos Negros. His cheese is gaining national recognition, further enhancing the evolution of Mexico’s food and wine culture.
Events like this make the point that Ensenada is becoming the “food and wine capital” of Mexico. Our close proximity to the wine country, an abundance of fresh seafood, gourmet cheese production, premium olive oils, superior baked goods, organic fruits and vegetables, all blended and prepared by passionate culinary wizards (from many ethnic backgrounds) is fueling the emerging food and wine culture.
Furthermore, everyone seems to be jumping into artisan cooking and “moonlight” winemaking. For example, the community of Punta Banda, or La Bufadora, held their 14th annual Chili cook-off at Los Gordos Cantina this month with ten entries from home-schooled chefs living in the region. Every sample of chili provided by these artisan chefs was of superior quality, thus making it almost impossible to select a winner. Despite the close competition, the following winners were selected: First place went to David Ortiz, Sue Graham was second, with John Jones finishing in third place. Over two hundred people attended the event, paying a minimal tasting fee, allowing for the presentation of $250 for first place, $175 for second, and $125 for third place. If you love chili and good people, don’t miss next year’s 15th annual chili cook-off, in August 2010, at La Bufadora!
Ensenada and the wine country of Baja California are shining brightly this year with a newly expanded La Ruta del Vino highway, and with the addition of new wineries and culinary establishments. In addition, La Escuelita (Valle de Guadalupe’s premier artisan winemaking institution) and the UABC have expanded their winemaking, enology and viticulture programs, drawing interest from national and international students and wine enthusiasts.
And, the Mexican wines just keep getting better and better with each vintage. For example, L.A. Cetto winery (the largest producer of wine in Latin America) has received numerous gold medals this year, including a “double gold” from a international wine competition in San Francisco and Japan for their 2004 Private Reserve Nebbiolo. Viñedos Malagon won another gold medal in California, earning a large following for their “old vine” Garnacha blends in the United States and Mexico. In fact, they’re now completely sold out of all their current vintages.
Furthermore, two top winemakers from California’s premier wine country have invested in Guadalupe Valley and will start wine production here in 2010, helping to further propel this region onto the map of significant wine regions of the world. Hugo d’Acosta and a group of investors have purchased two wineries and numerous select blocks of vineyards in France and they are reaping benefits in the form of premium grapes, juice and wine. Vinos Roganto is gaining international attention for creating a constant supply of world class wines from Mexico. And, so it goes as Mexico is emerging and evolving by creating wines and culinary wonders of high quality.
The XIX Fiestas de La Vendimia were very successful this year, holding forty-five wine and food related events from August 7th through August 23rd. These events captured the attention and enthusiasm from national residents as they discover and explore wines from their own country.
Maybe now we should sincerely thank the Spanish missionaries for the vineyards and winemaking they started in the Americas. You can tour the wine and food resources of Baja California everyday with Baja Safari, at 619-251-6005.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lucky 7 Desert People Baja Racing DVD Pre-Sales!


Baja Safari.com is now taking pre-orders for its long awaited Baja Racing Action Lucky 7 Desert People HOT DVD!

Lucky 7 Years in the making, including never before footage from the Peterson Museum Baja 2000 Dust To Glory Pre-Run Event featuring NORRA's Ed Pearlman of Mexican 1000 fame, E! Entertainments 'Wild on Baja' TV Episode featuring Brooke Burke, Pre-Run with Baja Safari from La Paz to Cabo San Lucas on the Baja 1000 2007 featuring Sammy Hagar's Cabo Party and the Hotel California's Todos Santos Festival and choice cuts from the World Famous CABO 500 from 2006 through today. And much, much, more! The Real Deal in Racing Fun.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Michael Buckner, Baja Expert on Baja Safari RADIO LIVE!

Baja expert Michael Buckner talks about Baja California, Mexico on Baja Safari RADIO LIVE!