Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jimmy Smith Explorations Announced

Baja Safari will publish its "Jimmy Smith Explorations". This Fall 2010, after years of digitizing and miles of Baja California Sur Explorations, Baja Safari is proud to publish the "Explorations", a storied group of travels and discoveries of the extreme southern Baja Mexico peninsula with Don Jimmy Smith.

As Baja Safari members explored southern Baja for commercial and educational resources at the turn of the last century, Jimmy Smith guided and collaborated with the leadership of the club. Join us, as we share the land south of La Paz with the people of the South Seas, the discoveries that shook the scientific world, alongside Don Jimmy.

From the "trailer out back" to the soaring peaks high above the Cape of San Lucas. Joining Baja Safari are the Cousteau Baja Trips, Mitch Parr, Bob Van Wormer and the Pericue medicine men.

While the X generation fads spent their treasure on the soiled streets at Lands End, Baja Safari members became blood brothers with the land & people of the "Two Seas". 'Explorations' will reach across the Pacific Ocean and into the deepest Baja oceanic canyons, seeking Bold Adventure!

Series begins November 2010
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