Friday, February 24, 2017


March 3 UPDATE: When planning any travel to Mexico, be advised, conditions on the ground are changing daily. Briefings are available to Members through our office.

Every Sunday Night and afternoon, the border closes and forces traffic to Otay Mesa.

February 12 UPDATE: Six weekends in a row, the border is closed! CLICK HERE

February 5 UPDATE: Closures continue, San Ysidro now centerpoint of closures

February 4 UPDATE: US Border closures now an issue in San Diego region

January 29 UPDATE: Closures continue for fourth week in a row. CLICK HERE

January 18 UPDATE: Crisis continues, contact office if you are in country. 
Stay Tuned>>>

January 15 UPDATE: San Ysidro and Otay Mesa Ports of Entry into Mexico Report, ports have been closed at various times over the last 48 hours. 

January 14 UPDATE: Conditions still very bad. Widespread lack of supplies, water and ice. Gas still in crisis. Contact office direct on exact conditions. Any info online is out-of-date!
"CRISIS" Officially confirmed CLICK HERE for relative news report from Mexico City.

January 10 UPDATE: Conditions worse today. Review all travel plans.

January 7 UPDATE: Continuing unrest over gasoline price hikes in Mexico flared up at the Tijuana border crossing Saturday night as a large protest prompted U.S. authorities to block access into Mexico from San Ysidro for nearly four hours.

January 6 UPDATE: Communities throughout Baja California (Northern State) and the northern part of Baja Sur (Southern State) are in crisis right now over lack of critical supplies. Fuel, Food and Ice are in short supply and will run out this weekend.

Amanda Shotsky Reported on the situation VIDEO, CLICK HERE

Travel Advisory UPDATE:
January 4, 2017

Blockades at PEMEX facilities in Baja California, at Camalu and Rosarito are creating a travel crisis. Supplies of fuel and other staples are not getting past the blockade at Camalu, Stay Tuned. 

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