Thursday, May 16, 2019

KING OF BAJA 2019 AWARDS Announcement May 15

                    KING OF BAJA 2019
                    Wednesday, May 15

In the Long Tradition of KING OF BAJA AWARDS, 
on Wednesday May 15, the 25 Years of Award Winners have made their voice known!

At high-noon "the People will announce the chosen for the year 2019 and the World will know the values the community has for the Historical Land, the Wild-Life and the Future" of our Cherished Baja Experience.

*Conservation Award!*
Michael Mace of the San Diego Safari Park!

Michael Mace spearheaded the
SDZG Condor Project!
(California Condor Project)

Thank you Michael and San Diego Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy for all of your critical work!

Congratulations Michael Mace of the San Diego Safari Park!

*Anthropology Award!*

Michael Wilken-Robertson

Thank you Michael for your lifelong work with the Native Peoples of Baja California Mexico.

We have been very fortunate to share in Michael's explorations in native traditional arts, ethnobotany, history, languages, and cultural landscapes of Baja California  indigenous peoples.

*Click Here for Michael's Superb Book!*

*Motorsport Award!*
La Paz Automotive Club

For over 25 Years, the La Paz Automotive Club has been a pioneer in Safe & Sane motorsports event management!

Robby Gordon, Roger Norman and the  Magness Family have been the International Racers who have enjoyed the competition of the 'Land Of Two Seas', 
Dos Mares 500.

Congratulations, La Paz Automotive Club.
Thank you very much, Senor Lupito of La Paz.

We invite all to the Community Table!

Join Us LIVE! for this Momentous Feast!      

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