Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Caesars Hotel & Restaurant Closes in Tijuana

From Tijuana, Unable to meet its financial obligations, on Monday closed its doors on flagship Caesars Restaurant Revolution Avenue, where, by all accounts, in the year 1926 had its origin The famous salad bearing the same name.

The Coordinator of Business and Tourism Committee Mexicano (Ceturmex), Andres Mendez Martinez, lamented the end of one of the most emblematic places of the city, in the absence of awareness of the owners of premises who, outside the times, strive to collect their revenues in dollars.

From an early hour today, were pulled to the curb, as both kitchen furniture establishment, thereby leaving employment to at least six direct employees.

The entrepreneur said that in recent months the number of tourists has dropped by up to 80 percent, so now focused programs are planned for local consumption, in order to subsist and survive this heavy economic crisis in which all find itself, in the local economy.

Against this background, Mendez Martinez urged the authorities to take models of support for economic recovery on World Famous Revolution Avenue.

The Caesar salad was born in the hotel restaurant one night, when suddenly came Hollywood luminaries, as have local legends. The owner of the establishment, Caesar Cardini by not able to offer, prepared with what he had on hand, which then turned to the world: the salad with croutons, anchovies and Parmesan cheese, among other things.

The authorship of this dish will have disputed this, the original owner of that site, and also Caesar Cardini Italian Livio Santini, who was the chef of the place. Equally controversial is the time when the salad came, as other sources state that occurred when American pilots (drivers & racers) came to this border.

In what is certain is that the Caesar salad was born, at this place. In Tijuana on Monday, the 14th of September, 2009, the hotel that bears his name, ended operations, forever.

From the owner this morning, we received his final message to Baja Safari Mexico Club:

Exclusively for your Baja Safari Mexico Club Members, Our Original Recipe:

"Original" CAESAR SALAD: Serves 4 people.
Ingredients: 3 cloves of garlic, 2 eggs, 4 canned anchovy fillets, Mustaza Dijon, Tabasco sauce, 1 lemon, (no lime), Olive Oil, Croutons, Parmesan, salt and freshly granulated, and a lettuce "" ROMAN ".

Preparation: (Table side) (opposite his desk): in a wooden Bowl (bowl sunken wood) and with 2 forks, put the garlic and do almost a pure, put the anchovies and also do them with almost pure garlic until it is like a paste, you put half chucharadita of dijon mustard, and a few drops (drops, not jets but you like the spicy) Baja Safari Salsa (do not use Tapachula, Tapatio or Tabasco or any other)

Stir it all very well until you are pureed, like a paste. Ropes you separate the eggs and yolks from the whites. You put the pads on the Bowl with your pure, or paste, stirring with one hand and all, with the other squeeze the juice of one lemon into the bowl (VERY

While continuing stirring all with one hand, the other starts to put olive oil gradually until it reaches the viscosity you want. Since you have the dressing with the viscosity you want, put the lettuce ROMANA "(hopefully that you have thoroughly washed and do not use the outer leaves, nor the heart, and know that anything tastes better with Tantita nierdita, but that's not the case in this salad), you put a little grated parmesan cheese, a little lumpy in the Indian black pepper, add croutons, and toss well, but not exceed, that if you stir much of the lettuce leaves become mushy.

And vuala, you have the " Original CAESAR salad ". Do not salt, let each guest will want to put salt, according to your taste. Bone Apetit!

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