Monday, March 22, 2010

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Yes, this is the same company site that first offered numerous Baja Services, first on the Internet. Like Baja Insurance, first offered for Club Members Online, among many other firsts.

Now, the Fastest Growing Salsa in the West! Order your today via our ONLINE ORDER FORM on the right side column.

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Baja Safari is the ONLY Baja Travel Club to offer Security Reports and Security Services via our SPEED Mex Division. To insure your safety when travel in Mexico is anticipated. Our newsletter, Baja Safari NOW!, has promoted safety as our first priority for over three years. We know we have saved lives and helped hundreds of Baja travelers away from harm.

We have expanded our SELECT TRAVEL SERVICES for our Members, to those special experiences only experts can provide. Ask about our Private Ranch House and High Chaparal Horse Ranch. Use our Baja Weather Service, recognized by the USA National Weather Service, are available for Members. 

Baja Safari Mexico Club is proud of its history to offer innovative Baja Services for International travellers to Baja Mexico. Our EXCLUSIVE services have been provided to Governmental Entities to improve International Travelers experiences in Baja Mexico, since 1985.

We are also proud to announce our support of the MAKE ROADS SAFE in Mexico efforts. Baja Safari Mexico Club is continuing its support of specific working relationships with Government contacts, to ensure International travellers in Baja Mexico have their rights protected.

In this brave new world in Baja Mexico, including the real threat of crime and violence, Baja Safari will tell you the truth about the threats and the rewards of travel in Baja Mexico.

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