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Welcome to the Official Site of Baja Safari Media.
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Safari Club travels the Baja California peninsula searching for the Magic we put into every bottle! Food, Drink and Experiences are shared for the love of Adventure. Stay tuned to the Magic Baja Desert Experience here online!

Welcome To The Home Of The Magic Baja Desert Experience - Safari Club

It's the goal of Safari Club to take you away to the Magic Baja Desert Experience, everyday. Please consider us your daily Magic Carpet to Baja Mexico, ONLINE. Courtesia, Gratis. Our Courtesy, Free!


Safari Club has provided these services for the American Military for over thirty years.

2022 69 Years Of Baja Racing, BAJA Racing Hall Of FAME

2020 "25 Years Ocean Oasis Founding Celebration" 

2019 "7 Years Class 11 World Champions Celebration"

2018 "Thirty Years Air/Space America Celebration"

2008 "Grand Cup, Special Events Winner", Baja South Yenemacu Sports Association

1998 "Amigo de Baja Award Winner", State Government of Baja California Government

1993 "Award of Appreciation", San Diego Sheriff Department 

1987 "Safari Club Foundation" Celebrated

1985 Newspaper "Baja Racing News" Foundation with the Amazing George Hurst